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Friday, March 25, 2005

About the Institute


The Workflow Institute serves decision-makers at the intersection of business results, enterprise systems, and human performance. We promote the understanding and use of real-time learning in industry and government worldwide. We Identify new developments and interpret technology trends. Our backgrounds in instructional design, cognitive science, enterprise computing, and software architectures, coupled with our passion for helping people make the most of technology, have positioned us at the forefront of the Workflow Learning movement.

Our Logo

Inspired by Katsushika Hosukai's wonderful woodblock print, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, one of his Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, 1823-29.

The great wave reflects our belief that Workflow Learning represents a sea change in the way people work, learn, and improve their lives.

Senior Staff

Jay Cross is Managing Director of the Workflow Institute. A thought leader in learning technology, Jay coined the terms “eLearning” and "workflow learning."

Jay is also CEO of Emergent Learning Forum, an 1,800-member think tank and advocacy organization. He is webmaster of the popular eLearning research site, . He is a founding fellow of the Meta-Learning Lab. He is co-author (with Lance Dublin) of Implementing eLearning (ASTD, 2002) and co-author (with Wayne Hodgins) of the vision paper that kicked off the ASTD/National Governors Association Committee on Technology and Adult Learning. He writes a column, Effectiveness, for Chief Learning Officer magazine and has contributed numerous articles to Online Learning, eLearning, eLearn, Technology for Learning, LiNEzine, Learning Circuits, American Banker, Training and Development and other publications.

Previously, Jay developed the first business program for the University of Phoenix. Managed a software start-up. Sold mainframes to schools and banks. AB, Princeton University. MBA, Harvard Business School.

Gary J. Dickelman is a Fellow of the Workflow Institute. Gary leads our Performance-Centered Design practice. He applies knowledge management, human factors, learning technology, and business process engineering to creating systems that human beings can actually use. He specializes in creating industrial-strength performance-centered systems. Gary is the editor of EPSS Revisited (ISPI, 2003), a contributing author of Using Computers in Human Resources (Jossey-Bass, 1992) and The Instructional Technology Handbook (McGraw-Hill, 1993). He has authored numerous articles for industry periodicals. Gary is founder and CEO of EPSScentral LLC and serves on the faculties of George Mason University and Boise State University, teaching graduate-level courses on performance-centered design. Gary 's academic background includes mathematics, nuclear engineering and cognitive science. In his spare time he plays percussion, tuba, arranges and teaches music and writes for Drum Corps World.

Gloria Gery
is the first Fellow of the Workflow Institute. Gloria invented the field of Electronic Performance Support. She was a champion of performance-centered design twenty years before its current popularity. She has taught our industry to "give up the idea that competence must exist within the person and expand our view that whenever possible it should be built into the situation." Gloria is a member of the HRD Hall of Fame and an ASTD Distinguished Contributor. This May, ASTD recognized her as a Legend for her deep influence on the field of learning and performance development.

Clark Quinn is a Fellow ot the Institute. He directs our User Experience programs. He brings a track record of innovative and successful solutions in learning, performance support, and community systems for industry, education, government, and not-for-profits. He has designed and developed web conferences and competitions, award-winning online learning content, learning games, intelligently adaptive systems, and mobile implementations. Previously he led research and development as Director of Cognitive Systems for Knowledge Universe Interactive Studio and held executive positions at Open Net and Access CMC, two Australian initiatives in Internet-based multimedia and education. Clark earned his doctorate in Cognitive Psychology from the University of California, San Diego, and is author of a forthcoming book on elearning simulation game design. Clark manages OtterSurf Laboratories and is a founding fellow of the Meta-Learning Lab.



At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen changes in WorkflowInstitute site, I started to know abut you when S. Adkins was Senior Director, I guess S. Adkins has been an important person in the field, I suggest that S. Adkins has to go on appearing minimum like a man who worked to get the WorkflowLearning goals in WorkflowInstitute, at the same time, I missed the Analysis material from S. Adkins.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger jay said...

Anonymous, Sam is now with Ambient Insight. Take a look at his recent presentations. You can also buy research reports there. Sam continues to be a forward-looking thinker in this space. He is part of Workflow Institute's heritage but he is no longer part of our team.

At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a little cold today! isn't?


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