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Friday, March 25, 2005


Articles from Workflow Institute

Workflow Learning Gets Real, Training magazine cover story, March 2005
The Trasformation of IT
What is Workflow Learning, eLearn magazine
Beyond the Lost Horizon

The Web Services Manifesto
Next-Generation Enterprise Learning Technology
Workflow-based eLearning and the Bottom Line
Captivated by Captology

Will Customers Get Derailed by the e-Learning Shakeout?
ROI from Workflow-Based E-Learning
Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg: Technology Plumbs the Affective Learning Domain
Enterprise Vendors are Good for the LMS Market

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Enterprise Architectures
by Paul Harmon.
Why host your SOA's connective tissue when you can outsource it? - News - ZDNet
The enterprise service bus--a ride you shouldn't miss - News - ZDNet
What is Service-Oriented Architecture?
The Agile Dance of Architectures
by John Hagel. SOA, the business case.
What is workflow learning?
July 2004 Answer Geek
IBM on SOA and Web services
The Benefits of Agile IT -- CIO

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Presentations by Workflow Institute

Workflow Learning Symposium
August 2004
Web Services & Workflow Learning
TechLearn 2003
LearnTech at TechLearn
TechLearn 2003

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Business Process Trends (Paul Harmon)
Workflow Learning Symposium Newsletter

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